serviceNamasté is an expression that translates as “the God in me greets and blesses the God in you” and is the recognition that we share a common divinity. To that end, our meetings aim to foster a contemplative atmosphere for seekers committed to a path of awakening, wishing to experience God in the unfolding of their lives, and dedicated to our group. We gather as a community for strengthening, accountability, to develop mindfulness and engage in social justice opportunities. As contemplative activists who have made a heart commitment to soul work using the group and group members for accountability and support, we celebrate our intentional sisterhood. We share and care.

Group guidelines: These intentions provide the basis for our interactions in Namasté

  • Confidentiality: Listen with an open mind/heart and without judgment. What is said in the group, stays in the group.
  • Speak from the heart and as an expression of the voice of God. Tell your story rather than piggybacking or providing commentary. Our response to another’s sharing is to affirm silently or with a few words of encouragement. Our sharing time is NOT about problem solving, analyzing, intellectualizing, or political or theological discourse, although those discussions are encouraged outside of the group meeting.
  • Reciprocity: We all share responsibility for programs and facilitation, which translates to group members’ planning and leading meetings regularly.  These sessions can be anything that moves your heart and soul that you would like to share with the group. If you have not signed up to lead, we will assign you facilitation dates around your reported absences.
  • Respect time: Recognizing our limited time, we ensure all have an opportunity to speak if they desire (although no one is required to talk). Everyone ensures that the group begins and ends on time (7 – 8:30 PM).
  • Be “all in”: Our group is about attentive presence, not perfect attendance. We are an “opt out” group. Let Ginny know if you will miss a meeting due to planned travels or events. If no one has heard from you and you miss the meeting, we will assume that you are in the midst of an emergency and someone will check on you ASAP.
  • Honor your commitment: to fulfill Namaste’s purposes, we choose to abide by these guidelines and hold each other accountable.