Namaste Spirituality group

Committed to a path of awakening

About Namasté

Namasté is an expression that translates as “the God in me greets and blesses the God in you” and is the recognition that we share a common divinity. To that end, our meetings aim to foster a contemplative atmosphere for seekers committed to a path of awakening, wishing to experience God in the unfolding of their lives, and committed to our group. We gather as a community for strengthening, accountability, to develop mindfulness and engage in social justice opportunities. The group meets weekly on Tuesday evenings for meditation, prayer, formation, and faith sharing. Namasté participates in periodic activities including retreats, filmfests, vision board exercises, and pilgrimages. In brief, we are contemplative activists who have made a heart commitment to soul work using the group and group members for accountability and support.

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