Last night was our aspirations & organization meeting. Thirteen in our group now, although only eight were there last night. With two new members, we started with introductions. It was surprising to learn new things about returning members, as well as get to know the new women.

Wine & rubber gloves

Where Martha meets Mary… Namaste needs the hospitality and don-the-rubber-gloves work ethic of Martha and the raise-your-glass contemplative (?) party girl of Mary.  Think of it in terms of return-on-investment (ROI)— facilitate 3 times (Martha) and you get to enjoy 33 sessions presented by others (Mary). 

Here are some other word pairs to consider:

o Intention / attention: Theme for 2019-2020 year
o Charger or catalyst: depending on your needs, the group can help you recharge or be a catalyst
o Seekers, not spectators: attentive presence, not perfect attendance.

“This is not a gas station.” Minhthu

Suggested program scheduling: 

Focus: Lead Timing
Age-ing to Sage-ing Kris OCT / NOV?
Discernment Kay Advent 2019
Visioning Kris & Aleta January 2020
Just Engagement: the Power to Change Anne 2020
Environmental Minhthu 2020
Uh—oh planning: Befriending the End (Thesis) Joan Lent 2020
Retreat Minhthu beginning of Lent

Facilitation: Barb is keeper of the Martha list (thanks!). Those who have volunteered to lead sessions should put dates on the google doc calendar, especially for the remainder of 2019. For other members, figure out what you you want to facilitate or who you want to work with. If the suggested topics don’t float your boat, the group would love to listen to your guidance on the spiritual significance of martians or marshmallows or whatever. Your meeting, your topic.

In addition to signing up to facilitate, put known absences on the schedule. For up-to-date information, see the google doc.